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Cocktail inspirations

August 13, 2013

So.... thinking about continuing the yarn club and/or expanding the Tipsy Sheep line, and I've been browsing for cocktail inspirations for several days. Here's the list of cool things I've found so far:

Alaskan Ice Tea - aqua blue with highlights of pale yellow, lime green, and bright orange, and a bit of darker blue thrown in for fun.
The Smurf - like the AIT, but with a bright strawberryberry pink as the main color
Brain Squash - orange, lemon yellow, bright grapefruit-y pink, and a warm cherry red
Tequila Sunrise - A smooth gradient of rich yellow to orange to pinkish red
Passion Killer - melon pink, lime green, and white. Probably closer to a self-striping than a true handpaint.
Blue - deep purplish blue, berry, lemon and orange
Pretty Rickey - pale peaches and pinks, cherry red, and flecks of lime

So, which of the above do you most want to see?

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I'm still looking for pretty drinks in the purple spectrum, and I'm thinking of asking a couple local bars for the recipes for their signature cocktails - like the Ms. PacMan from Ground Kontrol and the Fast Talking Clara from the TARDIS Room.

Please leave any suggestions in the comments - I'd love to hear what other drinks you might be interested in seeing adapted to yarn form.

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  1. speaking of purple drinks...
    Summer Passion - deep purple (contreau) with splashes of bright green (lime), bright blue (curacao) and magenta (passoa)