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Countdown to shop opening!

October 31, 2013

Are you excited? I'm excited. The Official Tipsy Sheep Shop (say that 5 times fast) will be launching at midnight tonight.

The polls showed that most of you wanted the shop to either be integrated as part of the blog or launched as its own website.  In fact, it was split 50/50 between the two!  For the sake of simplicity and continuity, I'm going with the "integrate into blog" option, using PayPal to handle the transactions. Some day soon I would very much like to have a real website with a real domain name, but it's unfortunately not in the cards right now.

Early tests of the shopping card have been successful, with all the shipping calculators working out just fine. I've yet to figure out how to do automatic inventory tracking or  allow you to purchase more than one ball of yarn with a single click. I expect to work these kinks out before launch, but just in case, know that I'm working on it and it will all be ironed out soon.

Don't try clicking on that shiny new shop link up top just yet - it won't take you anywhere until 12:01 am November 1!

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