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Preview photos: Alaskan Ice Tea!

November 7, 2013

This is a first - posting photos of the yarn before giving a little summary of the dye experience.  Truthfully, at this point, I'm not finding any major revelations with each dye any longer; mostly it's just small refinements of technique and resolving minor annoyances. For example, this month, one of the colors just did NOT want to go into the yarn and I wound up using twice as much dye as usual.  My ball winder also committed suicide, resulting in some pretty horrific tangles that took up to five hours PER BALL to fix. But now I have an excuse to get a bitchin' new ball winder, a million times nicer than the dinky plastic one I've been using, so that's a plus at least.

Despite its resistance, this yarn turned out beautifully. The main blue is bright but cool, nearly a perfect match for the finished cocktail and reminiscent of a glacial lake. The darker blue provides a subtle lowlight, the color of an arctic sea, while the streak of lime-lemon-and-orange gradient creates an engaging highlight.  

Words can't really describe it, so I'll quit wasting bandwidth and just show you some pictures. Click the cut to see more :)

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