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December 3, 2013

First things first: you guys are all AWESOME. The website is doing so well, getting a lot of traffic and even a few orders, which makes me the happiest of pandas. The Facebook page is doing well, too, with lots and lots of likes and views, contributing to the warm fuzzies currently welling in my heart.

Second, I'm kicking around the idea of doing a third round of subscriptions. Tipsy Sheep Part 3: Return of the Sheep.  I've been wanting to branch out into worsted weight yarn, since it's by far the most versatile and often-used weight of yarn, so I'd like to know what you all would think about TSP3:RotS being a worsted weight yarn as opposed to the fingering weight yarn used so far.

survey solutions

If there's interest, voting for the next cocktail inspirations will start in a week or so.

Third, and finally, I'm having a bit of a problem. See, about 5 years ago, I tore a ligament in my right wrist (I'm right-handed) which required surgery to repair.  Since then, whenever I do too much work (which is pretty often), I'll get a fair bit of pain in that wrist.  It's been getting worse over the last month or so, and finally I went to my doctor and she had me get some x-rays. The original surgery had required the doc to file down part of my ulna, and now I have a bone cyst right where that happened and IT HURTS.  There might also be a build-up of scar tissue around the surgery site, which can get inflamed and cause problems when I over-use the wrist. I have an appointment to see a hand/wrist specialist this week.  (Strangely, this doctor's father was the one to repair my fingertip when it was severed when I was 7, and his brother was one of the doctors who initially evaluated the torn ligament... and I'm now living in a different city and state than the father and brother's practices and I STILL find a doc from the same family to help me out. The world is a shockingly tiny place.)

I should know soon what course of treatment will be necessary to get my wrist working properly again (personally, I'm hoping for a full-on Terminator-style bionic replacement) but there's a chance I'm going to need some help in the next few months to keep making yarn.  If anyone in the Portland OR area would like to "volunteer" - and be paid in yarn and baked goods - please leave a comment.


  1. That sucks! I'm sorry. I live in Australia as you know otherwise I would totally be there.

  2. I know it's tricky, but if we were continue into Tipsy Sheep Round 3, I would vote for fewer pink colorways. I know, I know, SO MANY DRINKS are pink. But honestly, I would go month to month and not buy any pink colorways. I just don't know very many people I can knit for with pinks. I'll do some research as well to see if I can help you find some other colorway options.

    If you continue into next year, maybe it would be a good idea to gear the type of yarn to the upcoming season... like fingering in the spring in anticipation of summer, worsted in summer to prepare for fall, bulky in fall to prepare for winter, and back to worsted or possibly fingering in the winter to prepare for spring?

    I wish I lived in Portland. I would love to come help :(

    1. Yeah, there's been kind of a lot of pink so far. I'm looking into doing more blues, purples, and greens because they always turn out so pretty... but I'm finding that everything has lemon, lime, and orange in it and I'm afraid they'd all look too similar.

    2. Have you considered a Japanese Slipper? One of my favourite tasty drinks. Should be lemon, melon green with a pop of glace cherry red. Could be fun :)

    3. ooooh what about a fruit tingle? blues and purples in a slow veriagation.

    4. OMG Sophie both of those sound AWESOME. I'm especially excited about the Fruit Tingle. Mmm, tingly...