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State of Sheep: my wrist hurts :(

December 11, 2013

I went to the doctor last Friday (thank you to my wonderful neighbor for driving me, because it snowed that morning and I was woefully unequipped to drive on icy roads) and he's got some ideas of what's wrong but nothing definitive.  My original surgeon hadn't sent him my records yet, but based on a physical exam, he thinks the tendon is just angry.  I do indeed have a bone cyst, but without my original x-rays it's hard to determine if it's new and the source of my pain, or if it's been there a while and the pain is from something else.There's also a chance that the internal sutures from the first surgery (which you can actually see and feel) might be part of the problem, but he is understandably hesitant to go back in and mess with them.  He's recommended steroid treatment, first through iontophoresis and then through straight injection if that doesn't help. I go in this afternoon for my second round of iontophoresis and to get a new splint to wear while resting.

I was really hoping for a Terminator-style bionic replacement, but the steroid patch has blinking lights so I guess that's close enough.

Pretty Rickey is all dyed and half of it is wound into skeins. Winding is SUPER painful, even with my bitchin' new ball winder (post on that coming soon) so I can only do a little bit at a time. Tequila Sunrise will go forward as planned, but there may be a slight delay in starting TSP3: RotS after Part Deux is finished. I'm hoping to get the power base for the ball winder and replace my manual swift with an automatic one, which will reduce the amount of work my poor wrist has to do, but they're very expensive so it will have to wait... unless you guys want to Kickstarter a Tipsy Sheep Expansion or something.


  1. eeeeep! I've had tendinitis before it is unpleasant. You poor thing. Sadly for craft addicts (especially yarn addicts) its almost impossible to feed your addiction and give wrists, fingers, shoulders, ect the rest they need.

    I'd support a kickstarter to automate things a bit. Especially if it means more yummy yarn!