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Taking this show on the road...

July 22, 2013

Hubby and I spent about 12 hours yesterday driving from Portland down to San Francisco.  He needs to spend some time at his company's SF and SoCal offices, which means I get to spend some time visiting my family who I haven't seen in months.

The Mint Julep yarn came along for the ride, though, as did my ball winder, yardage counter, scale, and swift.  This is definitely a working vacation for me.  Tonight, after spending the day hanging out and doing some shopping with my mom, I got the first kilo of MJ all divvied up into its 100g skeins and wrapped them in their cute labels.  Tomorrow, after running errands and donating my hair, it will be time to get started on the second kilo.

I may not be updating as much this week, as I'll be pretty busy and don't have regular access to a computer - I'm writing this post on my mom's laptop in the kitchen. Comments come straight to my email on my phone though, so I'll be sure to respond to them.

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