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Tipsy Sheep Part Deux

August 28, 2013

I'm just about to start dyeing the final colorway, Kir de Reddit, and if the samples are any indication, this is going to be an awesome yarn. I'll be posting details for it after the White Russian mailing goes out, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce the next round of Tipsy Sheep subscriptions!

Based on the voting post, the cocktails you all most want to see made into yarn are the Alaskan Ice Tea (7%), Tequila Sunrise (7%),  Blue (6%), and Pretty Rickey (6%). So congratulations, you've just picked the four colors for the next round of yarns! This one will run from November through February with mailings on the first* of each month, on the following schedule:

November: Blue
December: Alaskan Ice Tea
January: Pretty Rickey
February: Tequila Sunrise

As with the first run, you'll be receiving 100 g (463 yards) of 75/25 superwash merino/nylon fingering weight yarn, as well as a few juicy extras like dye notes, instructions for fun techniques, and tasty treats to snack on while you're working up the yarn!

Seeing as how the first mailing of the new run won't be until November, I thought I'd give you loyal readers a chance to get in on it early AND save a little money doing so.  Normally, each individual month is $25: $20 for yarn and $5 to cover shipping costs. (This is already a discount, since when the yarns hit the Etsy shop they'll be going for $22 plus shipping.) So a four month subscription would be $100. However, for early subscribers, the cost will be $95, which is either free shipping one month or 25% one ball of yarn, however you prefer to think of it.

The normal $100 cost will return when the month-to-month option becomes available again in October, so if you're sure you want all four colorways, please sign up now!  There are currently 16 slots available. Here's da button:

Tipsy Sheep Part Deux: Four Months!

* First non-Sunday, non-US holiday day of the month. So the actual mailing schedule will be November 1, December 2, January 2, February 1.

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