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Well crap.

August 1, 2013

So, you guys know how I was in SF the last 10 days or so visiting my family? We took hubby's car down there and left mine in the garage, and someone (totally not me) left my car door ever so slightly opened and sucked all the sweet life out of the battery.  I have jumper cables, but they're too short to reach from inside the garage to a car outside, and now I have to get a tow truck to help me.  They're ridiculously expensive if you don't have roadside assistance through your insurance. Did you know that? I didn't know that.  But they are.  And I freaking just changed insurance, new policy (including roadside assistance) effective midnight tonight... so no tow truck until tomorrow morning.  Which means I can't get to the post office to mail Mint Julep on time. Sad face.  My deepest apologies to all of you who ordered MJ, but it won't be going out until tomorrow.

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