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Details for November - Blue!

October 1, 2013

With Kir de Reddit sent on its merry way, it's time to open up subscriptions for the first colorway of Part Deux: Blue!

As was the case with Part One, your shipment will consist of:
  • 1 100g skein  (approx 464 yards) of hand-painted yarn in a colorway inspired by the cocktail of the month.  The yarn is a fingering/sock weight in a 75/25 blend of superwash wool and nylon that is SUPER soft but has enough strength to make for a good sock.  And because it's superwash, it's machine washable, which was a must for me as I was shopping for yarns. (I loathe and despise handwashing.)  The yarn compares most favorably to KnitPicks Stroll Fingering.
  • Dyers notes about how the cocktail's ingredients translated into the colors used, and funny anecdotes about the dyeing process which, yes, includes me drinking the inspiration.
  • Instructions for an interesting technique (such as fun cast-ons and edge finishes).
  • The recipe for the inspirational cocktail, which will be printed on the yarn label.
  • I am addicted to candy, and you should be to.  Allow me to enable you.
The cap remains at 20 subscribers per month.  You can choose to get one month at a time or sign up to receive one ball of yarn each month until February!  If you choose to sign up for the 4-month option, you'll receive packages for:

November: Blue - see description below
December: Alaskan Ice Tea - aqua blue with highlights of pale yellow, lime green, and bright orange, and a bit of darker blue thrown in for fun.
January: Pretty Rickey - pale peaches and pinks, rich cherry red, and flecks of lime
February: Tequila Sunrise - a smooth gradient of sunny yellow to orange to pinkish red

Each month is $25, with the 4-month option being $100 - it includes everything listed above plus shipping costs.  International customers, I'm afraid shipping costs have gone up recently so it's no longer feasible for me to cover the difference in shipping costs; please choose the international option from the drop down menu.

Despite its name, this cocktail is actually a fruity strawberry pink, which will be featured strongly in the yarn.  There will also be a large swathe of deep blueberry and highlights of lemon and orange.  This yarn is a nice balance between dark and light, making it perfect for simpler lace and cable patterns that show off the yarn without overpowering the stitch.

Sound good? Great! Here's the button!

Choose your subscription!

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