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Finally, a finished project!

September 6, 2013

It is, of course, not one of the listed works-in-progress that I blogged about before.  I'm too easily distracted by new patterns and yarns to do something as sensible as finish something I've already started. No no, this was a new project - a blanket for my neighbor's newborn daughter, Coral.  Nobody knew if my neighbor was going to have a boy or a girl, so I wasn't able to start this project until she was born... after which I promptly ran out to Michael's and bought a bunch of yarn in the appropriate colors.

I'd had the pattern picked out for weeks: The Chevron Baby Blanket by Espoace Tricot.  I wanted the colors to reflect her name - something aquatic and reminiscent of a mermaid lagoon.  I used Red Heart Soft (100% acrylic worsted weight) in Grape, Avacado, Teal, Deep Sea, and Sea Foam.  The pattern is deceptively simple, using yarnover increases to create the points of each chevron, and mitered decreases to create each valley.  I modified the stripe pattern slightly to have more purple stripes and make it a little more feminine.

I was able to do one or two stripes per day (each stripe is 10 rows) between dyeing and other crafts and getting obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV, and wound up giving Coral her blanket on her three week "birthday."  Her big brother has his own special blankie that another family friend crocheted for him, and he thought it was really cool that his little sister would have one now, too.

Without further adieu, PICTURES!

The finished blanket. Measured about 28x35.

 Mid-blocking. My two assistants were Panda the Cat and Orson Scott Card :)

Some nice natural light photos.

We also gave the new parents a gift! We'd all gotten together to play CaH a few weeks ago and they absolutely loved the game, so now they have their own set of cards.

Just an FYI, hubby and I are going to be travelling back down to SF next week, so blog posts will probably be sporadic.

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